12 Weird Facts About The Human Body

3. Botox deprives a person of emotion

Botox injections paralyze facial muscles and as a result, make wrinkles disappear. However, recently scientists discovered one interesting effect of such injections — the inability to fully feel emotion. The facial expression affects the emotional state directly which is why the emotions of a person with a limited ability to express them are not as full as the emotions of people who don’t use Botox.

4. Hiccups were inherited by people from their ancestors

Hiccups are a leftover of our distant ancestors who lived 370 million years ago. These guys used to swim in the ocean, therefore, their bodies were provided with gills and lungs at the same time (there are still fish in Australia that can breathe using this method). With the help of the mechanism that we call hiccups, our ancestors used to protect their lungs from water ingress.

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