12 Psychological Tricks That Can Help You Avoid Awkward Situations

To get rid of awkwardness just pay attention to what’s happening around you. Someone’s foot placement is definitely telling you something and you can even avoid an inevitable fight by making a simple choice. Dare we say, it’s possible to “hack” human nature with the correct moves and be the perfect social butterfly.

We’ve gathered up useful tricks to help you read the atmosphere better than anyone else and escape from awkwardness in the coolest ways possible.

1. If they’re talking too much

8 Tricks to Help You Get Away From Awkward Situations

Since there’s not a really polite way to tell other people to keep their mouth shut, you can try this trick to interrupt someone. Just drop whatever you have in your hand — except for maybe your phone, or be clumsy and knock something over. This will make them realize that they’ve been talking for a long time and they’ll feel uncomfortable, which will most likely make them stop talking.

2. If you feel nervous

8 Tricks to Help You Get Away From Awkward Situations

Your brain believes you’re comfortable when you’re eating. Everything must be fine, because you have time for nourishment! By chewing gum, you can trick your brain into a relaxed state. You can use this method while having a nervous conversation, before interviews, or during stressful moments.


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