12 Most Stunning Towns in North America You Must Add to Your Trip List

What do you see out of your office window? Another concrete building? Jeff in accounting who always seems to take two parking spots? It’s time to see something beautiful. Count up your PTO and prepare your suitcase. There’s a world of breathtaking places just out the door.

Taking a vacation is all about escaping everyday life and diving straight into places of wonder. Some may think the perfect vacation is lying on the sand on a beach somewhere far away. Others may think it’s exploring a giant city one bar and restaurant at a time. And then there are those–like yourself–who enjoy firing up the engine of a car and hitting the open road without a care in the world and a map as the only companion.

Here we scoured the entire continent of North America for the most beautiful places to drive through. Some are known for their historic neighborhoods, others for their proximity to incredible national parks, and others for their stunning coastal highway drives, but all have earned a rightful spot on our list of the 12 most scenic towns in North America.

Santa Cruz, CA

Park your ride along Beach Street and stroll down the beach boardwalk of picturesque Santa Cruz, California. Trust us, the furthest thing from your mind will be what’s happening back at the office—especially when you go for a spin on the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster that sits just steps from the sand. After the butterflies in your stomach have disappeared, make your way to the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum and learn about the significance the ancient Hawaiian sport holds in this city. If you want to take part in this amazing water activity, sign up for surf lessons at Santa Cruz Surf School located in town.


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