12 Cool Things To Do With Your New Apple Watch

Apple Watch is full of innovative features. But a lot of new users are not really aware of all the tips and tricks yet. However, once you learn these nifty tips, you will be a power user of this premium device, for sure. We have rounded up 12 highly effective and easy to execute tricks to you can do on your Apple Watch.

1. Use Power Reserve Mode to Save Battery

You can take advantage of the power-saving mode on your Apple Watch to save some juice in emergency instances. Here’s how to enable that…

  • When you are in the main watch screen, swipe up to bring the ‘Control Center’
  • Here, the 1st icon will be showing the battery status. So tap on this icon and the ‘Power Reserve’ option will appear. Now, you can enable the ‘Power Reserve Mode’ from there easily

2. Take Advantage of the Theater Mode

While watching movies or just enjoying any shows in a dark room, you can enable the ‘Theater Mode’ on your Apple watch. It is very easy to do. First, you will need to bring the Control Center by swiping up at the screen. And, then tap on the ‘Theater Face/Mask’-type icon. From that moment, the display of your Apple Watch will go off.


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