12 Amazing Travel Experiences You Can Try Starting Today

Bungee Jump in New Zealand

New Zealand is the extreme sports capital of the world. And what better place to go bungee jumping than the place that invented it? New Zealand has several amazing bungee spots, most of which are near the city of Queenstown. Get your adrenaline pumping at Nevis Canyon, the third-highest jump in the world, get wet in the river at Kawarau Bridge, or jump with a city view at The Ledge. Pick just one or all three, but you’ll never forget hurling yourself off a platform surrounded by the beautiful New Zealand scenery.

Relax Hungarian-Style

Budapest is known as a vibrant, youthful party town, but there’s also another, more relaxing side of the city to experience. Budapest sits on a series of hot springs, which have sprung up into numerous historic bathhouses. The most popular is Szechenyi, with over 18 baths and 10 saunas, and the Gellert Baths, with its art-nouveau labyrinth of thermal pools. Both also offer massage and spa treatments, so you can spend the day winding down after a night of partying. Plus, you’ll get a unique taste of Hungarian culture while you’re at it.

Trek to Everest Base Camp

The trek to Everest Base Camp might not get you to the top of the world, but it’ll get you closer than many ever will. The journey starts with a bang as you take the world’s scariest flight into mountain-shrouded Lukla airport. The next two to three weeks is like trekking through another world. You’ll hop between trekkers’ villages, pass colorful stupas and prayer flags, and take in sweeping views of the Himalayan scenery. Whether you’re an avid trekker or not, the Everest Base Camp journey is a true bucket list experience.

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