12 Amazing DIY Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like a Total Genius

Pick up small toys using a lint roller

Have your kids or grandkids left tiny toys all over the floor that you’re bound to step on and break if they’re not cleaned up quickly? Simply use a lint roller and you can get them out from underfoot in seconds.

Use a magnetic strip to keep your beauty tools organized

If you find yourself forever misplacing your tweezers, nail files, or manicure scissors, there’s an easy way to keep them all organized. Simply stick some magnetic tape to your wall or on the inside of your hard-sided makeup kit and they’ll stay put.

Prevent overcrowding in a pot with toilet paper rolls

Want to keep your garden organized without buying dividers at the hardware store? Fill a planter with as many toilet paper rolls as you can fit (without squishing them), put some dirt and seeds in each one, and water them regularly. This will keep your plants neatly organized in a confined space, and those cardboard tubes will eventually disintegrate into the soil over time.

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