11 Top Supplements For Brain, Heart, Digestive And Women’s Health

Last year, you could barely keep that hot supplement in stock, and now it’s collecting dust in the storeroom. Meanwhile, you’re fielding endless questions about a vitamin no one cared about just a few months back. Thank the ever-evolving world of research and today’s quick-hit media machine for consumers’ fickle supplement-purchasing patterns.

To help you make sound supplement-ordering decisions this year, we asked leading integrative practitioners to examine four of the top consumer health concerns and the best-selling supplements for each , based on data from Schaumburg, Ill.-based market-research firm SPINS.

We also scoured recent research and asked our experts to weigh in and offer their recommendations for the four conditions. The result? A comprehensive guide to the 11 supplements every retailer should know about now.

Heart health

Cardiovascular disease remains the number-one killer of U.S. adults—by a long shot—so it’s no wonder heart health tops consumers’ lists of concerns. According to SPINS, shoppers purchased $227 million worth of supplements targeting hypertension, atherosclerosis and high cholesterol in natural foods stores, excluding Whole Foods Market.

“The majority of cardiovascular disease is preventable and treatable with dietary changes, physical activity and targeted nutritional supplementation,” Pizzorno says. “Along with lifestyle interventions, supplements typically have broader benefit than pharmaceuticals because they address the dysfunctions that underlie chronic disease, rather than treating the symptoms.”


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