11 Things That Can Help Us Understand Whether Our Relationship Is Strong Or Not

We all probably have some doubts regarding our relationship from time to time. But how can we actually understand that our relationship is worth working on? How can we know that this very person is just what we need? Try to read these simple statements and ask yourself, “Do we follow these rules?”

We gathered some features that can help us understand whether our relationship is strong or not and solve some problems with our partner if there are any.

You’re proud of each other.

If you can’t accept your loved one’s achievements, it means that your relationship consists of rivalry, envy, low self-esteem, and the will to control everything. In a happy family, people are¬†sincerely happy for each other’s success and they treat these achievements as celebrations¬†even if the victories are insignificant.

You always care about your common plans.

If you don’t care about your partner’s feelings, you will never remember to inform them about a change of plans. You might even turn off your phone and not think twice. But in good relationships, people understand that we all have emergencies and they don’t avoid discussing plans that suddenly go wrong. Also, they’re not afraid to face arguments and complaints because common plans can be postponed and arguments can be avoided.

There’s no place for jealousy in your relationship.

Sometimes jealousy turns into obsession and a person turns into a tyrant that treats their partner like their own property. They humiliate them by distrusting them, make them always search for explanations, and force them to live in fear of enraging their jealous partner. This kind of life looks really unpleasant.


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