11 Quickest Ways To Relieve Tight Calves While Running

3. Performing Your Stretching In the Proper Way

 Stretching in the Proper Way

  • To accurately stretch your calves, try to brace your hands on a flat wall.
  • Next, you need to extend your legs one at a time as far as possible.
  • You should maintain your heel flat on the floor. You should retain this position for a moment.
  • Then, relax and repeat the steps again.

Stretching is very vital before and after doing your warm-up. Thus, you need to follow these steps to perform your stretching properly:

4. Executing Step Drops

By doing your drops, you may relieve the tension on your calf muscles. Here’s how you can perform step drops:

  • Position yourself with the sole of your feet placed at the tip of your step. Keep your heels hanging.
  • Then, allow your heel to drop underneath the step. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  • The movement will slowly stretch all of your calf muscles.
  • Remember not to bounce as you perform the motion because you want to stretch the muscles properly.

5. Doing Pull Back Exercises

Doing Pull Back Exercises

Pull Backs are efficient to stretch your calf muscles, especially your gastrocnemius. What you need to execute this exercise is a resistance band. So, here’s how you should perform this workout:

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