11 Quickest Ways To Relieve Tight Calves While Running

If you’ve been noticing tight calves during your runs and feeling them when you head up a hill, you’re not alone. Most veteran runners can recall at least one time they’ve found themselves on the side of the trail wincing and rubbing a calf to alleviate a cramp.

While there’s no simple solution, there are a few ways to loosen your calves and lessen your chances of tightening up at a pivotal moment in your run.

1. Massaging Your Calf Muscles


Doing a deep tissue massage can directly provide relief in calf tightness during or after running. For a more relaxing and lighter massage, you can also do a remedial massage.

However, both of these forms of massage can help blood circulation in this region. They are effective ways to relax your calves.

2. Using Foam Rollers


Do you have a small foam roller at home? This foam roller looks very similar to your yoga roll. What you have to do is to put the foam roller on a flat surface and try to move your leg over the roller.

Place some focus on your calf muscles. The motion can alleviate the constriction of your calves. Thus, it loosens up the calf muscles.


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