10 Weird Example Fashion Life Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier

Life hacks have been turning up all over the internet and many of them can be extremely time saving.  We all wish we could deal with certain clothing calamities. The internet is full of absurd yet surprisingly successful fashion life hacks. Here are 10 unexpected fashion hacks and can assure you that these will definitely make your life easier!

1. Apply nail polish to avoid green marks from a ring

A ring can turn your finger green because of the chemical reaction between acids and other substances on your skin and the metal of the ring. It usually happens with rings made from copper, but some other metals may also be prone to such a reaction. To prevent discoloration of your skin, just apply a thin layer of clear nail polish. This will create a barrier, and the metal won’t turn your finger green.

2. Freeze your tight shoes to stretch them

To stretch your tight shoes, all you need to do is fill ziplock bags with water, squeeze out all the air, and seal them. Then put these bags into your shoes, place them in the freezer, and wait until the water is completely frozen. Now put on the shoes to check the fit, and repeat the process if needed.


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