10 Ways to Distinguish Strange Habits From Serious Mental Illnesses

Strange people are everywhere around us. When meeting people who wash their hands 100 times a day or obsessively collect trash, we automatically start to worry about them. The thing is, cute — and sometimes not so cute — oddities and harmless habits can actually be hidden psychological disorders that require serious treatment. Would you be able to differentiate a person suffering from a mental illness from someone who’s simply eccentric?

We has investigated medical literature and learned more about differences between oddities and psychological illnesses.

1. Whining or hypochondria?

How to Distinguish 11 Strange Habits From Serious Mental Illnesses

The life goal of a typical whiner is to attract attention to their personality. Moreover, they are good manipulators who are always trying to shift a part of their problems on the shoulders of the interlocutor.

A hypochondriac constantly feels worried about getting sick and is extremely concerned about their physical condition. This person may be aware of not having any serious illnesses but still will persistently search for symptoms.

  • How can you spot the disease? If your friend keeps complaining about their health, suggest for them to visit a doctor — it’s likely that they won’t attend the specialist (they’ll make up a more “harmless” disease for simulation), while a hypochondriac will agree to be examined. Moreover, an important sign of a hypochondriac can be the fact that they will often prescribe treatment for their “illness” by themselves (and sometimes they can prescribe very serious medicine).

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