10 Unusual Ways to Have a Better Night’s Sleep

Some say technology is to blame for sleeplessness. What if we told you that insomnia is also present in animals and bugs, or that your problem of sleeplessness could be hereditary? Whatever the reason, every problem has a solution.

There are many ways to help your eyes get heavy with sleep. We would like to help explain some of them to you in detail.

1. Get rid of any light.

11 Unusual Ways to Have a Better Night’s Sleep

For a sound sleep, the first requirement is a perfect ambience in the room. Having all lights out will set you up for a successful night of rest.

Even the slightest light coming from an iPad or the blinking light from a laptop can divert your attention and delay you getting to sleep. Scientifically, this is because that little glow travels from your eyes to your hypothalamus—the part of your brain that controls sleep. So the darker the room, the quicker you will fall asleep.

2. Try meditation.

11 Unusual Ways to Have a Better Night’s Sleep

Meditation can be credited with solving many problems. This includes sleep issues too. According to a 2009 Stanford study, people who undertook a meditation program in order to go to sleep faster were able to fall asleep twice as fast as those who didn’t meditate.

3. Maintain a consistent sleeping routine.

11 Unusual Ways to Have a Better Night’s Sleep

This fact is known to everyone who tells you to go to sleep at the same time every night. With our busy schedules we tend to not adhere to a sleep routine, especially on weekends, and this is so wrong.

Sleeping on time and waking up on time keeps your biological clock under check. Not only that but this sleep schedule also helps you become an early riser, and we would need a whole other article to discuss the advantages of waking up early.


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