10 Stages You Go Through When You’re Learning Programming Languages

5. Weak code (breakable)

In this stage you’ll be able to code an app that’s functional, but you may face some obstacles and unexpected bugs. You may not grasp the idea of testing and assuming different scenarios that you weren’t expecting. This might lead to the appearance of bugs in your code that you weren’t prepared for.

What are you supposed to do?

The best thing to do is to experiment and experience the app like a regular user and test it. For example, if the it’s designed for laptop screens the user might access it from his mobile phone, so you need to figure out how to solve such issues.

6. Imitation and citation

Imitation is a crucial phase for all programmers. The name makes it sound scary but it’s great if you’re learning new technological techniques or better ways to code. In addition to that, when you check others’ code you can improve your own. Luckily there are a lot of open source libraries like GitHub where you can view and review many open source projects.

What are you supposed to do?

You may feel like you’re not creative enough or that your code isn’t original, but don’t worry, keep improving your skills and you’ll soon find yourself writing your own code and you’ll be killing it.

7. Self-confidence

Did you start feeling like a master? Self-confidence has a good and a bad side. That enthusiastic and lively spirit is essential, but too much of it may lead to arrogance. Your ego might stop you from learning, researching and developing. You may also start accepting big projects that you are not capable of doing, which may risk your career.

8. Learning new techniques

You’ll find yourself learning new automation techniques and the most recent and advanced methods. Your focus on the tools will be as important as the technique you use. You can start practicing, creating your own projects and releasing them and contributing on GitHub.

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