10 Stages You Go Through When You’re Learning Programming Languages

Learning programming languages is becoming as important as learning a new foreign languages. Everything around us is rapidly becoming online and digital, and as consumers we’re spending more time using mobile apps and browsing websites. If you’re considering learning programming, you have to know that no one is born a natural programmer, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to learn and to become a master.

If you’ve already started learning programming, you’ll find yourself going through different stages and phases. In this article we will explain the ten stages that programmers might find themselves in. We will also clarify how you can tackle each stage until you’re a pro.

1. The beginner

Beginner is the person who starts learning anything for the first time, you’ll probably feel like you have no idea about what you’re doing. You’ll be more like someone who doesn’t know how to swim, and finds himself in the middle of an ocean. Whenever you see a piece of code, it will look like a riddle or a mystery. When we start learning anything new – especially programming – it’s usually scary and intimidating.

What are you supposed to do?

First off, don’t worry because this phase will pass. You shouldn’t panic or try too hard to get into all the details. Take notes as much as you can and try to implement the easiest and simplest methods.

2. First steps

It is the stage where you start learning the basics of programming. You’ll be able to do some edits in the text editor and you’ll start seeing some changes in the browser. Just like a baby taking his first steps, you’ll feel amazing.


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