10 Simple and Proven Tips To Lose 20 Pounds in a Month

Losing any amount of weight is a tough feat and losing 20 lbs in one month is a lofty weight loss goal without using a diet pill. Yet, it is certainly possible. However, it’s important to understand that even though it’s possible, keeping the weight off long term is less likely.

For one, much of the weight loss will be water weight. Undeniably, reducing body fat and maintaining weight loss long-term requires healthy habits that require time and practice- more than one month’s worth.

Nonetheless, if you have an upcoming high school reunion, vacation, or just want to impress a family member, follow these tips to lose up to 20 lbs in one month.

1. Cut Out Junk Food

Undoubtedly, consuming a healthy diet is the foundation of weight loss, especially if you’re seeking rapid weight loss like 20 lbs in a month.  Cutting out junk food, high-calorie snacks, and unhealthy food choices with refined fats and sugars is absolutely necessary to achieve this feat.

Junk food is highly processed and loaded with empty calories, sugar, and unhealthy fats. Thus, removing fast food and sugary beverages is an easy way to reduce your caloric intake and prevent excessive weight gain and obesity. What’s more, replacing a high-calorie diet of junk food with mostly wholesome foods like veggies, fruits, and lean meat will aid weight loss even more.

Ultimately, cutting out unhealthy food choices will lead to rapid water weight loss because processed and refined foods cause the body to hold on to water. Cleaning out the entire digestive system and supplying your body with wholesome foods will prime your body for a 20-pound weight loss (2).

2. Focus on the Whole Foods

Eating a diet plan full of whole foods including all three macros is the quickest way to lose excess weight. Wholesome, healthy foods allow cells to function optimally. In turn, this boosts metabolism, which equals more calorie burn and fat loss.


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