10 Recommended Best Lightweight High-Performance Cycling Helmets

All of the helmets listed here are tested to stringent safety standards, and ensuring that a helmet fits well will also ensure it can do its job keeping you safe in the event of a crash. Many helmets are now designed with aerodynamic qualities in mind, too, which has an effect on shape, size and overall looks. Here are 10 of the best lightweight high-performance cycling helmets.

1. Scott Centric Plus

This new version of Scott’s Centric Plus has been developed for world-class road and mountain bikers, focusing on aerodynamics, airflow and weight. At 222g for this medium (55-59cm) size, it is certainly a very light helmet and feels that way when you are wearing it.

With 18 vents it is also one of the most airy we’ve used. Catching the tail end of the warm weather of the summer during testing and then heading into autumn, it certainly keeps you cool when you’re riding hard or the temperatures are high.

2. Abus StormChaser

2020 Abus StormChaser helmet.jpg

The Abus StormChaser is an exceptionally comfortable helmet with great ventilation. It’s light, offers lots of adjustment, and all pads and straps can be stripped out for washing – in fact, it gives some of Abus’ own more expensive helmets a serious run for their money. The lack of MIPS or similar at the price may put some off, though.

The name is somewhat confusing as StormChaser suggests some form of wintry protection, but this helmet is really well vented and actually best suited to summer warmth. It has most, if not all, the features found on Abus’ high-end AirBreaker, including in-mould EPS construction, ActiCage internal reinforcement and the Zoom Ace retention system.

Fit is excellent and the helmet very comfortable despite minimal padding. The amount of adjustment is enough that it should fit most head shapes. The dial adjuster is easy to find and use, even with gloves on, and the steps are small enough to really fine-tune the fit. You can also adjust the height by almost 4cm, and even the mounting points for the cradle itself can be moved between three options for the most secure, comfortable fit.


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