10 Principles of Billionaires That Should Be Adopted to Succeed

Oprah Winfrey said once, “I managed to achieve such financial success because money has never been my main goal.” And that’s what most billionaires say too. Today, the primary concern of the wealthiest people is not necessarily earning money. For example, Mark Zuckerberg wants to change the world and Elon Musk wants to build a megapolis on Mars.

The players in the modern business arena are not simply successful fraudsters or children of fortune. Today, people who reach success are admired. They are educated, modest, and their status is proved not by the demonstration of luxury goods, but by the size of charitable contributions.

I is sure that a lot of things can be learned from those who managed to climb the financial Olympus with their own efforts. We suggest you adopt some of the principles of rich people to change your life for the better.

1. Live not only for yourself.

10 Principles of Billionaires That Should Be Adopted to Succeed

For modern billionaires, philanthropy is a spiritual priority. Many of them spend money to support the needy, to develop art, education, and medicine. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett started their “The Giving Pledge” campaign, the idea of which is donating 50% of their income to charity. There are more than 150 participants in this campaign including Mark Zuckerberg, George Lucas, Victor Pinchuk, and Vladimir Potanin.

  • “Millenials are one of the generations that sent the most money to charity throughout history. But it’s not only about the money; you can donate your time as well.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Giving someone your time, attention, and energy means investing in them. By helping others, a person feels needed and gains peace in his heart that no dress is able to give. It is important to correctly prioritize. Children in orphanages or animals in shelters need your time more than a neighbor who complains about her lazy husband.

2. Say “no” to stereotypes and to the priorities of other people.

10 Principles of Billionaires That Should Be Adopted to Succeed

A woman’s place is in the kitchen, real men don’t cry, we need children to have someone taking care of us when we are old, and all of the other stereotypes not only distort our perception of reality, but they also prevent us from having a good life, achieving our goals, and being happy.

  • “Your time is limited. That’s why you shouldn’t lose it by living other people’s lives. Do not fall into the trap of dogma. Do not let the noise of other people’s opinions beat your inner voice.” – Steve Jobs

It was the desire to be different from others that helped many billionaires become what they are today. When guided by someone else’s opinion and stereotypes, it might be difficult to step beyond the boundaries to reach success.


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