10 Of The Most Beautiful Classic Cars Of All-Time


“Why isn’t this a 300SL?” is probably what the majority of people are thinking at this point. But for me, there are a number of little details that separate the SLR from its 300SL brother. The position of the headlights, sat atop of the wings just as they begin to flow down like a waterfall; their oval shape with that dark hue background; the shape of the wings, so proud yet elegant; the modest bulge on the bonnet; and the single offset vent.

Exhausts sprouting out perfectly from the sides, as though the power and noise couldn’t possibly contain itself on its journey rearwards. I once had a curry that could be described in a similar fashion. But anyway…moving on!


And so we find ourselves drooling over another classic racing car – a racing car that many hold as the most beautiful car ever made. It’s not difficult to see why such a belief exists. Back in 2013, a 250 GTO sold at auction for $38,115,000 – setting a new record that still hasn’t been surpassed. That is just what some people – with rather deep pockets – are willing to pay to have this piece of Italian moving art sitting in their garage under cover.

As tragic as it sounds to simply have it sitting unseen and unappreciated, if you’d just spend such an enormous amount of money on it, would you want to drive it on the public roads and risk Johnny Transit Van hitting you up the jaxy? I sure as hell wouldn’t!


Is there a car in history that’s worn white wall tyres better than the face-lifted C1 Corvette? I don’t think there has. For this – one of the all time great American icons – wears its white walls with the same allurement as Marylin Monroe wearing Chanel No5.

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