10 Of The Most Beautiful Classic Cars Of All-Time

When a car is well designed, it’s more than just a box with wheels that gets you from one place to another. It’s rolling art. But unlike your typical pretty painting or photograph, it also has to be functional. It needs to be able to handle the rigors of the road. It needs to last for years. It needs to carry you and yours for miles upon miles.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the most beautiful classic cars of all-time. Note that these are in no particular order. In many ways, ranking them would be missing the point. It’s not about any of these being superior to the others; it’s about marveling at these works of art and finding what you enjoy about each of them.


If you take a Volkswagen Beetle or KDF Wagen as it was originally known, you end up with one of the most unbelievably beautiful things ever to be put on wheels the Porsche 356. The original 356 was always a glorious looking thing, but I believe it wasn’t until 1954, and the introduction of the Speedster version, until it took its most beautiful form. It may have been hopelessly impractical with a low, raked windscreen, and a subsequently low soft top that didn’t allow anyone with a head to sit inside but as a visual object, it was beyond fault.


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