10 Of The Best Electric Vehicles In The World

Listed below is Zap-Map’s top 10 electric vehicles that are available in the UK. To find more information on the vehicles mentioned in our “Top 10 EVs”, or to see a full list of EVs on sale in the UK, visit our Available Models Page.

1. Nissan LEAF


Building on the success of the first generation Nissan LEAF launched in 2011 which set the standard for battery electric family cars, the 2013 model is refined and improved, raising the bar a second time. With over 100 updates, the official driving range is increased to 123 miles and the recharge time can be halved. Nissan offer the LEAF in four different trims and charging options – Visia, Visia+ Acenta and Tekna – the newest model and/or battery being available through outright purchase or lease to suit buyers of all persuasions. The Nissan LEAF is the most popular electric vehicle in the UK and recorded it’s best ever sales period in September 2014.

2. BMW i3


It is as if the BMW i3 electric is modelled more on a smart phone than a car with a level of connectivity never before seen in a production car. It is also unique in being made from carbon fibre /reinforced plastic and produced from a highly sustainable production cycle. Designed from the outset as a premium urban vehicle, the i3 packs a punch with 170 bhp, accelerating to 62 mph in under 8 seconds.


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