10 Myths About Running That Most of Us Believe to Be True

According to official data, about 621 million people run as a hobby or sport, and over $11 billion is spent on running gear. This piece of information is very encouraging, and it shows just how much people care about their physical activity. Some of them surely run marathons and other races in their city, and maybe they do all sorts of preparation for these events. There are so many myths circulating out there that we wanted to clear things up and help you be informed in the best way possible.

1. Running won’t necessarily help you lose weight.

Running is indeed one of the best ways to strengthen your heart and improve your mood and sleep quality. But, despite what many people think, it’s not the best exercise when your main goal is to lose weight. That’s because this activity gives people a false idea about the number of calories that are burned while doing it. So, people will often consume a lot more calories afterward and end up gaining back everything they burned.

If your only goal is to shed some pounds, you should focus on high-intensity training. Cycling, strength training, and cardio with low-intensity intervals can all be very helpful. That is because they change your pace and make your body burn more calories while going from low- to high-intensity.

2. Running faster won’t make you a better runner.

Some people think that you need to keep increasing your pace every time you run in order to be able to run at a higher speed. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and dangerous since it can lead to injuries. Running faster than you can will have your body stressing too much to maintain that high level, and working out at your highest level is beneficial — but you should also take breaks and mix things up.

It’s best if you increase your speed for a few miles and then drop it down a bit. This will help you increase your stamina during races — if this is your thing, and you are looking for a way to improve your time.


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