10 Mysterious Trips Into The Wilderness That Went Horribly Wrong

The Disappearance Of Derrick Engebretson

8 Blizzard
On December 5, 1998, Derrick Engebretson, an eight-year-old boy from Bonanza, Oregon, went on a trip to Winema National Forest in Klamath County alongside his father and grandfather. The family was planning to get a Christmas tree while hiking near Rocky Point. A snowstorm soon hit the area and Derrick wandered away and disappeared. When Derrick’s family notified the authorities, a search was conducted for him but they were undermined by the terrible weather. Searchers found some blood in the area along with items which may have been connected to Derrick including a candy wrapper and a bookmark from his school. They also found a makeshift shelter made out of fir boughs.

While the likely explanation seemed to be that Derrick had frozen to death in the wilderness, there was evidence to suggest he might have been abducted instead. A set of footprints led searchers to the road where the imprint of a snow angel was found. Around the time of Derrick’s disappearance, a witness saw an unidentified man struggling with a young boy near the road.

In 2002, a prison inmate came forward to claim that a convicted child rapist named Frank J. Milligan had bragged about murdering Derrick. Years earlier, Milligan received a 36-year prison sentence for the rape and attempted murder of a 10-year-old boy and for sexually abusing another boy. When questioned, Milligan told authorities that Derrick had made it out of the woods and that he murdered the boy after picking him up by the road. Milligan said he would lead them to Derrick’s body but, after a search of the area turned up nothing, he decided to recant his confession. Officially, there is no evidence to connect Milligan to the crime and Derrick Engebretson’s disappearance remains unsolved.

The Falcon Lake UFO Encounter

There are thousands of recorded sightings from people claiming to have encountered a UFO, but it’s very rare to find someone with actual physical evidence on their body to support their story. One of those people was Polish-born Stephen Michalak, who made his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. On May 20, 1967, the 51-year-old Michalak went out on a prospecting trip to Falcon Lake Provincial Park.

He eventually spotted two glowing silver objects hovering above him. One of them flew away and disappeared, but the other one landed on a large rock formation. Michalak approached the strange craft which was over 9 meters (30 ft) in diameter. The door opened, a bright light emerged from the object, and Michalak thought he heard muffled voices inside. After Michalak touched the craft, the door suddenly closed and the craft took off again, knocking him over. This set Michalak’s shirt on fire, forcing him to tear it off.

After the experience, Michalak became nauseous and disoriented and it took him nine hours to find his way home. The object had left several first-degree burns on his abdomen which resembled a grid-like pattern of holes. When he showed the burns to doctors, they were completely baffled. The burns emitted a sulfuric stench but, even though Michalak was frequently nauseous, tests found no signs of any radiation poisoning.

Weeks later, Michalak returned to the original site and found a 9-meter burned-out circle on the rock formation. Analysts also found traces of non-lethal radiation in the area. The unexplained burn marks remained on Michalak’s torso for the rest of his life. No one knows for sure if he actually saw a UFO, but the physical evidence found on his body and at the scene indicates that he definitely encountered something strange that day.

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