10 Life-Changing Psychological Tips That Will Make You a People Magnet

There is nothing better than meeting new people who fill us with energy and show us another perspective of life. Today we at promellu would like to share 10 simple tips that will help you attract new friends.

1. Don’t assume too much

Yes, we often think that we might not be nice or funny enough to others. The good news is that it’s all in your head — people are more receptive than you think.

2. Do not be afraid

Meeting new people can often be a terrifying experience. The more you try to be fun and a good conversationalist, the less you will be, so always be yourself.

3. Take a small step

If you do not yet have enough confidence to meet many people, start with something simple: talk to someone new at work to train your social skills. Even an open pose can be a small step.

4. You have to go out

Okay. You are ready to socialize. Now where are all the new people? You definitely have to go out: join courses, workshops, groups, and activities that interest you where you can find interesting people.

5. Make the first move

10 Life-Changing Psychological Tips That Will Make You a People MagnetOnce you feel ready to make new friends, you can jump into the ring. Use these psychological tricks that help in communicating and building good relationships.

6. He who judges, loses

Sometimes you may have preconceptions of who and what your new friends should be. However, people that don’t seem to have anything in common with you at first can turn out to be the most interesting people you will ever meet in your life. Give them a chance.

7. Show interest

Don’t forget that we are all divas. Learn to listen before speaking — other people want to receive attention and be heard as much as you do. Show that you’re interested to get to know them.

8. Spend time together

A new friendship is forged by sharing time. Dinners, parties, cinemas, and other places where you can have a good time are the best choice.

9. Keep in touch

Sometimes it is difficult to stay in touch with our friends. However, it is the only way to maintain a friendship. Use the media you prefer (Internet, phone, etc.) to watch what is going on in their life.

10. Be a good friend

10 Life-Changing Psychological Tips That Will Make You a People Magnet

Help and support your friends, and let them know that they can count on you.

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