10 Insider tips For Your Next Trip To Australia

Dreaming about driving off into the sunset on a roadtrip? Here’s 10 travel hacks you need to know before you hit the road.

1. Think small

Australia’s a big place, and unless you’re planning on being on the road for, well, forever, don’t expect to see it all. Explore a region, rather than a state, spending more time in each place rather than rushing from A to B. Doing a summer roadie up the coast? Don’t try to cram too many kilometres into a day, because that’s the best way to turn your holiday road trip into a commute, and burn up your petrol budget while you’re at it. Remember the golden road trip rule – it’s meant to be fun, not hard work.

2. Follow the weather

Nothing spoils a holiday like rotten weather, so when you’re on a road trip head to where the sun shines. If it’s winter, go north where the dry season means less rain and next to no humidity – or head into the outback where days are warm, nights are cold and the flies are elsewhere. Summer time’s the best time for a coastal road trip, and the high country is perfect if you’re craving a cool change.

3. Don’t overthink it

Planning a road trip is fun, but the best way to make your Aussie road trip really great is by being flexible, because the weather might be unexpectedly foul in one place and better somewhere else, a road might be closed, or you’ll get a great tip from a fellow traveller that’s worth following.

4. Map it out

Outside of town limits mobile phone coverage in Australia is mostly non-existent. Don’t rely on google maps via your phone – if your car doesn’t have an in-dash navigation system, invest in a portable sat nav, or download one to your phone that you can use offline – I use Sygic; Hema is great for remote outback areas. And always have a paper map or atlas as well so you can see the bigger picture, because we all know that some of the roads that a sat nav chooses are just plain crazy, especially if you selected the ‘shortest’ route, which can often mean narrow lanes and dirt tracks rather than longer – but quicker – main roads.


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