10 Great Inventions We Will Probably Never See

The Ogle Carburetor

Everyone would like to get more mileage per fill-up, and some of the more recent hybrid cars have been able to do a great job of getting you farther with less gas. Unfortunately, we have yet to attain anything quite like the documented successes of mechanic Tom Ogle.

In the 1970s, this inventor created a new type of carburetor, the likes of which had never been seen. Much like today, gas and oil companies back then had a monopoly in the market. Although Ogle’s carburetor was tested and shown to travel up to 48 kilometers per liter (113 mpg), his invention was never produced commercially.[7]

The revolutionary component worked by pressurizing gasoline into a vapor cloud, which was then injected into the firing chambers. Licensing setbacks and hurdles ensured that the carburetor was never mass-produced for use in vehicles, and Ogle died with its design information.

Rife Device

In 1934, Royal Rife created a machine to blast away cancer. At the time, cancer was still deemed to be a virus. So Rife created a laser beam of sorts to target the specific infected cells and eliminate them.

Think it’s a fabrication?

According to The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression by Barry Lynes, 14 documented cases of terminal cancer patients being cured with this treatment may convince you otherwise. However, when Rife refused to partner with the head of the AMA, the organization used their full weight and resources to discount and discredit the treatment.

Now there is obviously no documentation to prove definitively that the AMA had such direct involvement in the suppression of this technology, but something seemed to stifle this supposedly successful treatment to cure cancer. Rife blamed collusion between the AMA and other medical organizations for dismissing his scientific claims. However, there does not appear to be independent replication that his treatment worked.

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