10 Great Inventions We Will Probably Never See

Cure For Heart Disease

With heart disease being a leading killer among women the world over (and plenty of men as well), knowing that a feasible cure for the condition once existed is kind of alarming. Much like the Rife machine listed later, this is another invention that was stifled because it went against the current treatment regimen for heart disease at the time.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), this would discredit not only the treatment itself but also the doctors who were behind it. Their pronouncement openly defied the fact that there were documented cases of heart disease being cured through this “Unified Theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease.”[5] However, some heart patients who tried the treatment anecdotally reported a worsening of their conditions.

Hemp Biofuel


Commonly mistaken for marijuana, hemp has always had a bad reputation with those who don’t understand its true benefits. When you extract ethanol in abundance from this powerful plant, it shows the true value.[6]

Of course, with the belief that hemp is associated with marijuana, the leading source for ethanol right now is corn. However, the hemp plant can produce more ethanol than corn and it is far less damaging to the environment in the process.

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