10 Genius Hacks for a Good Night’s Sleep That Actually Work

One of the most important and yet neglected things in life is sleep. Not only does it affect our moods, health and the decisions we make, but it affects our lives significantly both in the short and long-term. With this in mind we believe it should be the focus of everyone to better their sleep quality, and improve their life overall. We want to share with you these practical tips on how to fight insomnia and increase the quality of your sleep.

1. Choose the right sleeping pose.

10 Hacks for a Good Night’s Sleep That Actually Work

If you face sleeping issues, take a closer look at the sleeping pose you choose most often.

  • Sleeping on your back is one of the best ways to fight insomnia, as it allows your head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position. Even though this sleeping position is not that popular, specialists are sure that it is one of the best choices for healthy sleep.
  • A fetal sleeping position can restrict breathing and make you feel joint or back pain in the morning. According to statistics, the fetal sleeping position, which is when you lie on your side with your knees bent, is chosen by 41% of adults. While this position is recommended for pregnant women (as it improves circulation), it may not be that good for others.
  • Sleeping on your stomach is probably the worst choice for healthy and peaceful sleep. It’s hard to keep your spine in a neutral position while you lie on your stomach, which can negatively influence your back and neck. Additionally, this way of sleeping can make you feel numbness due to the tremendous pressure on your joints and muscles.

2. Get rid of your old mattress.

10 Hacks for a Good Night’s Sleep That Actually Work

A bad mattress can also be responsible for your insomnia and other sleeping issues. Experts say that if your mattress is more than 7 years old, it’s time to check to see if it still properly supports your body when you sleep. Different parts of our body put different pressure on the mattress, and as it ages it loses its ability to support your body and guarantee good sleep.


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