10 Exercises That Will Keep Your Brain Active during the Day

I speak from experience when I say mental health in the workplace cannot be overlooked. I recently quit my job. I was another casualty of burnout, an increasingly problematic side-effect of the long, relentless hours of an “internet job”.

After taking a step back, decompressing, and assessing everything that had happened did I realize how much impact I actually had on the entire situation, how my neglected health and stress levels were easily the biggest factor in my burnout.

Ever since leaving my work in November, I’ve been working similar hours with similar workloads. Sure, I’ve had the occasional stressful day, but my mental and physical health are in a totally new place. Much of it has to do with how I approach my days and what I do during each work day.

Below you will find 10 exercises you should use everyday to keep your brain and stress levels in check and get more done.

Listen to music


The first thing I do when I sit down to begin working each day is open Spotify. Without music, my mind wanders and I’m prone to give into every distraction. If there is some background music, however, I tend to get right to work, forget about what’s going on around me, and tap into a heightened state of focus.

Years of research has yielded tons of conflicting results on how music affects productivity, and you’ll likely find it affects your personal productivity differently than mine. Some say its the sound masking that helps or the mood spike you get from your favorite music that brings on an upswing in your productivity. Some find noise or music harmful to productivity.


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