10 Exercises That Tone Your Whole Body And Burn Fat Faster

3. Push-Ups

No muscle toning workouts are complete without the classic push-up.  It’s still popular because it is one of the most reliable routines. It provides upper body strength and muscle toning for the arms and legs. Any movement that activates your muscles helps you burn fat better, and push-ups offer great results.

4. Spiderman Push-ups

Put variety in your push-ups by adding one movement. As you lower your body, bend your knees to the sides one at a time, as if you’re doing Spiderman’s moves. This exercise will also activate the muscles around your hips and buttocks.

5. Mountain Climbing

No need to scale an actual mountain for this exercise, but you can mimic the movement that climbers make. This routine targets your abs, one of the hardest spots to get rid of fat. In a push-up position on the floor, spread your hands evenly.

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