10 Exercises That Tone Your Whole Body And Burn Fat Faster

If you are looking to burn fat, remember that it is never too late to begin an exercise routine. While it’s easier to gain weight, it’s difficult to get rid of it, hence you should keep in mind that results from losing weight isn’t going to happen overnight. Then again, there are truckloads of exercise programs out there on the internet, but which ones are truly effective?

This is where we come in! So, if you want a workout that helps tone your whole body, as well as burn fat faster, then try some of these exercises below.

1. Step-ups

Step-ups give you leaner and stronger legs, as well as a tighter rear. Trainers consider this one of the best workouts for the bottom, according to Shape. You can do this exercise in the park using a bench. If you’re at home, you can use the stairs and add more weight to the routine with dumbbells.

To do this, firmly place your left foot on the step. Then press on this foot as you push your body up to the steps until you straighten your left leg. With your right leg, slowly lower your body back until it’s on the ground or floor. Repeat the process and do 16 reps each. Balance out your weight so you won’t hurt yourself or accidentally fall on the steps.

2. Jumping Jacks

This game you played as a child is an effective form of exercise for burning fat. Jumping jacks elevate your heart rate to boost your metabolism. Additionally, moving your arms up and down as you jump tones your muscles. This is a full workout, as you’re burning the fat on your upper and lower body while doing a cardiovascular activity.

3. Push-Ups

No muscle toning workouts are complete without the classic push-up.  It’s still popular because it is one of the most reliable routines. It provides upper body strength and muscle toning for the arms and legs. Any movement that activates your muscles helps you burn fat better, and push-ups offer great results.


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