10 Exercise Techniques to Get Thigh Gaps That Will Only Take 10 Minutes a Day

Many women (and, in all honesty, even some guys) work hard to get the perfect thigh gap. That said, there is no reason to go overboard. Simple things like placing an icepack on the area can help remove fat. There are even a few simple exercises that only take a few minutes a day that you can do to help give you the thigh gap of your dreams.

1. Wide stance squats

10 Exercises to Obtain a Thigh Gap That Will Only Take 10 Minutes a Day

This is an exercise that will really help target your thigh area, especially your hamstrings and back legs.

Exercise technique:

  1. Stand up, keeping your legs wide apart and your toes pointed out slightly.
  2. Move your butt down as if you are trying to sit down.
  3. Point your knees out so that they come in line with your feet.
  4. The more you point out your toes the more you should feel your thighs.
  5. Return to the starting position, doing 30 reps in total.

2. Pilates leg lifts

Not only does this exercise, which has been a pilates staple for decades, help tone your thighs, it can also help your abs and hips.

Exercise technique:

1. First, lie down on your side and fully extend your legs.

2. Lift up your leg slowly and as high as you can. While doing this, try to target your outer thighs.

3. Next, lower your leg back to the starting pose.

4. Just like above, add weights if this becomes too easy.

3. Bridge raises

10 Exercises to Obtain a Thigh Gap That Will Only Take 10 Minutes a Day

By lifting up your hips, you can tone your thighs, abs, and hamstrings.

Exercise technique:

1. Lie on your back while keeping your legs bent and your feet hip-width apart.

2. Place an object between your knees, like a towel or pillow.

3. Lift up your hips in order to help your body up from the knees to make a straight line. While doing this, squeeze whatever object you have between your knees as tightly as you can.

4. Lower your hip to the starting pose. Keep in mind not to rest your back until you are finished with the exercise.


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