10 Cool Bedroom Decor Ideas Based On Real Projects

A lot of times we come across projects, buildings and interior designs that we can simply describe as being very cool. They’re all different in concept and there’s rarely any common characteristic between them other than the cool aspect. We’re aware of how vague this all sounds so we’ve gathered up a bunch of examples to show you today. Below you can find a dozen cool bedrooms with various unique characteristics. Let’s see what makes each one special.

Bedroom with a cool view

A beautiful beach view would definitely make any room look amazing and this bedroom knows how to make the most of it. It was designed by SAOTA and features a small terrace facing the ocean. Glass railings ensure an unobstructed view of the amazing panorama and sliding glass doors separate the two spaces while maintaining a visual connection between them. The bed is of course positioned in such a way so it faces the terrace.

Minimalist white bedroom decor

Here’s another example of a cool bedroom with an amazing view. This time the house sits on a lakeside plot and the bedroom is designed in a minimalistic and contemporary style. The panorama is framed by large windows that cover huge sections of the walls. Long curtains provide privacy when needed. The very simple color palette featured throughout the bedroom allows the emphasis to be on the view but doesn’t minimize the beauty of the decor as a whole. This was a project architect Pierre Minassian and his team.


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