10 Cooking Habits We Didn’t Know Could Be Dangerous

4. Trying food to check if it’s spoiled

It’s impossible to recognize dangerous bacteria either by the food’s appearance or taste. However, even a small amount of such bacteria can lead to serious food poisoning. To avoid this, throw away any products if you have any doubts about it being spoiled.

5. Trying raw dough

You should never eat raw eggs in any form. There is a high possibility that it contains the bacteria known as salmonella, which is quite dangerous for people. Moreover, don’t try uncooked dough, even without eggs, because flour can carry E. coli which can cause different infections.

6. Marinating meat or fish outside

This is yet another more typical cooking mistake that can lead to food poisoning. Again, always remember about the risky range of temperature for bacteria growth. When you marinate meat outside of the fridge, you violate this rule.

7. Undercooking meat or fish

Food is considered safe only when it’s heated to certain temperatures. This is the best way to ensure all the bacteria are gone. To be sure that the fish or meat is properly cooked, you can use a kitchen thermometer.

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