10 Best Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills at Work

3. Analyze Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Conduct an internal and external self-evaluation to increase your self-awareness. A few questions to ask yourself include: What are your top strengths and weaknesses? What are your key talents? What are your interests? What do you excel in? What skills do you lack? How do you handle setbacks?

Think about the type of leader that you are now versus the kind of leader you aspire to be. How big is the gap between your current leadership level and your envisioned leadership potential? What do you need to do to get to the level you desire? Some characteristics that can help in improving leadership ability consist of your self-drive, determination, attitude, vision and taking action.

You can also take personality tests to uncover deeper insights about yourself for example your personality traits, the kind of work environment you can thrive in, career options that you are best suited for,  and how you interact with others. Think also about what other people have complimented you on. Are there recurring strengths or weaknesses that are pointed out frequently?

Actively seek critical feedback from others and use the information to improve yourself. Focus on improving your strengths over time so that you become as best as you possibly can be and minimize your weaknesses. Think of yourself like an athlete who is training regularly to improve their personal best records, then working towards breaking local records, regional records, national and then international records.

4. Stay Positive

This may be difficult when everything seems to be going wrong, but a negative leader only spells disaster for the rest of the office. Showing apathy or negativity will only lead your employees to feeling the same way. By keeping positive about situations, you are reassuring your team while keeping them motivated to push through. People are also naturally attracted to positive attitudes.

5. Keep on Learning

The professional world changes constantly. Never remain complacent. Keep pushing yourself to improve and learn more about your industry to become a better leader. Stay open to everyone’s ways of thinking. Someone may have a better way of doing things than you do.

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