10 Best Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills at Work

The first step towards being a good leader is to have the desire to take the lead. Inspire yourself first then inspire others to work with you. Leadership is the process of motivating yourself and others to work towards achieving a specific vision. A good leader develops a road-map for where they want to go and inspires others to go on the journey.

Leadership qualities and skills can be improved through continuous practice and purposefully working towards building your expertise in a particular area, subject or profession. Become an effective business leader and inspire your team with these tops tips.

1. Have a Clear Vision

Your job as a leader is to define the goals and vision for your company and to communicate that vision with your team. Providing them with a clear path to follow makes working together for a common goal all that much easier. If you all have the same vision, you will all work hard to see that vision come to fruition. Explain to them in detail how this vision will not only benefit the company, but as a result how it will benefit them. Transparency is key here.

2. Practice Communicating Well

As a leader, communication skills will serve you well especially in sharing your vision with others. Lack of communication and poor communication are barriers to effective leadership. Good communication is important when sharing information from one person to another.

Benefits of clear communication include strengthening work relationships, increasing productivity and collaboration, prioritizing well, increased work satisfaction and saving time and money.

On the other hand, effects of poor communication consist of lack of clarity on which direction to follow, confusion where people are unsure of what they are supposed to be doing, low morale, tension at work, stress and gossiping in the absence of information.

Other negative effects are reduced productivity, lack of trust, poor customer service, increase in complaints, absenteeism, decreased engagement and employee turnover. Simple ways of practicing good communication skills entail sharing information, offering clear instructions, clarifying, following up, being available to answer questions, providing regular updates and feedback.

Additionally take care of the basics such as maintaining eye contact, showing attention by body posture and nodding and paraphrase to ensure you are on the same page.


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