10 Best Traditional Must-Try Foods to Eat in India

Indian dishes are vastly diverse, and not to mention delicious because of the variety of flavors and regions. Indian cuisine is continually put on foodie lists all over the world.

But that’s not all.

Here are a few reasons to consider visiting an authentic Indian restaurant:

Indian Cuisine is Healthy

Authentic Indian recipes are full of organic ingredients that are proven to be healthy. Examples include common Indian spices like Turmeric that help with inflammation, prevention of Alzheimer’s, and improve heart health. Being plant-based, Indian cuisine is rich in a variety of grains, nuts, pulses, and seeds (that provide healthy oils). It’s the myriad health benefits of Indian cuisine that make Indian food and spices preferred on menus at many a detox retreat. Speaking of which, you can book your total body and mind detox retreat here.

Indian Cuisine is Rich in Variety

They say variety is the spice of life. That probably came from the Indian cuisine playbook. From different flavors to different smells to different looks, Indian cuisine is so full of variety there’s always something to look forward to with every meal. Yes, that includes simple Indian dinner recipes.

Indian Cuisine Offers an Exceptional Experience

Remember that time you and a friend sit down for dinner at an Indian food restaurant. The smell of jasmine and spice awakens your senses. There is a busy clatter of pots and pans coming from the open kitchen. With Indian cuisine, it’s more about the experience around the preparation and consumption of the food. This makes it one the best for bonding with family and friends.

Sitting in an Indian restaurant and waiting to place your order?

Chances are your mouth is already watering as the waiter comes over with a menu full of delectable Indian dishes. Time for the ultimate question: what should you eat? What are the best Indian dishes to try?

With so many popular Indian dishes on the menu, knowing what to order can be quite a daunting task. Especially for those who are not veterans of Indian food eating, making a decision may be difficult.

We created this article for those moments when you’re looking at a menu, feeling dizzy with delight and confusion.

Whether you’re in need of help ordering at a restaurant or are interested in taking a stab at cooking, we’ve got you covered. From simple Indian dinner recipes to the best Indian dishes, this article will walk you through some of the tastiest Indian meals you must have on your radar.

Read on to learn about the best top 10 Indian food dishes and how you can recreate them for yourself.

1. Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken)

butter chicken || Chicken Makhani Indian Dish

Butter chicken is mouth-watering, tender chicken, cooked in a spiced tomato sauce. It’s traditionally cooked in a tandoor (a cylindrical clay or metal oven), but may be grilled, roasted or pan-fried in less authentic preparations.

Always make the gravy by first cooking fresh tomato, garlic, and cardamom down into a bright red pulp. This pulp is then pureed after cooling. Then, the chef adds butter, various spices, and Khoa (dried whole milk).

Vegetarian Indian Dish Option:

Though a lot of traditional Indian food uses meat, there are plenty of Indian vegetarian dishes. You can make your own butter chicken vegetarian by substituting chicken for tofu.

You can mimic the taste and texture of chicken by tossing tofu pieces with corn starch. Then, bake the pieces in the oven and voila! You have slightly crispy, delicious, buttery vegetarian “chicken”.


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