10 Best Stretching Exercises That Effectively Stretch The Muscles of The Whole Body

Stretching Shoulder Exercises

1. Stretching front of the shoulders

Put your hands behind your back and wrap one hand around the wrist of the other. Bend your elbows and raise your wrists higher. Bring your chest forward and feel the front of your shoulders stretch.

2. Mid-shoulder stretch

Grab the opposite elbow with your hand, press your shoulder against you and pull it down. Repeat with the other arm.

Stretching Exercises for Chest

1. Stretching your chest in the doorway

Walk up to the doorway, rest your elbows on the jambs, and bring your chest forward while stretching your pecs.

2. Chest stretching against a wall

Place your hand on the wall, lower your shoulder, and turn to the opposite side. Repeat with the other arm.

Stretching exercises for the back

1. Stretch back at stance

Stand next to a rack, exerciser, or other support, with your left shoulder turned toward it. With your right hand gripping the rack high above your head, bring your pelvis to the right and down, stretching the entire right side of your body. Repeat to the other side.

2. Stretching the lower back muscles

Sit on the floor with your right leg forward and your left leg backward. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle or slightly more. Put your right hand on the floor and your left hand above your head. Pull the left leg down and back, tilt the body forward and twist toward the right leg. Switch legs.

Stretching exercises for abdominal muscles

1. Camel pose

Stand on your knees, bring your chest up, stretching your spine, and then lean back with your hands on your heels. Try to arch your chest. Don’t tilt your head back, but look up.

2. Face up dog pose

Lie on the floor on your stomach, put your hands under your shoulders. Squeeze yourself up, pelvis raised, feet remain on the floor. Lower your shoulders, and bend at the thoracic level.

Stretching exercises for glutes

1. Lying stretches

Lie on the floor on your back, lifting your legs bent at the knees. Place the ankle of your left foot on the knee of your right foot. Push the knee of your right foot onto your left foot to deepen the stretch. Repeat with the other leg.

2. Stretching on all fours

Get on all fours, with the ankle of your right foot resting on the knee of your left foot. Lift your pelvis back to deepen the stretch. Repeat with the other leg.

Stretching exercises for upper thigh

1. Leaning quadriceps stretch

Lie on the floor on your stomach, lift one leg and grasp the ankle with your hand. Pull your leg toward your buttock, trying not to pull your thigh off the floor. Repeat with the other leg.

2. Stretching quadriceps on one knee

Stand on one knee, grasp the toe of the leg behind you with your hand, and pull your heel toward your buttock. Tense the gluteal muscles: this will deepen the stretch. Repeat with the other leg.

Stretching exercises for the posterior thigh

1. Stretching the back of the thigh with an expansion band

Lie on the floor, leave one straight leg on the floor, and lift the other leg up. Put the expansion band, jump rope, or rope on your foot and pull your leg toward you. Switch legs.

2. Standing Stretch

Stand up straight, step forward. Tilt your torso almost to parallel with the floor. If you leave your leg straight, the upper part of the back of the thigh is stretched more, if you bend your leg slightly at the knee, the lower part is stretched. Repeat with the other leg.

Stretching exercises for inner thigh

1. Deep squat

Stand next to a rack or machine that you can hold on to. Feet shoulder-width apart, toes and knees turned outward. Lower into a deep squat, keeping your back straight.

2. butterfly at the wall

Sit on the floor with a straight back, fold your feet in front of you with feet facing each other. Try to lower your knees to the floor, but don’t put pressure on them with your hands. Keep your back straight.

Stretching exercises for the outside of thighs

1. Hip abduction

Stand next to a wall with your right side facing it. Bring your right leg behind your left leg and squat down. The left leg bends, the right leg stays straight and pulls farther to the left. Straight body overhangs the left leg. Repeat to the other side.

2. Standing Stretch

Bring your left leg behind your right front and lean to the left. You can put one hand at your waist, fold your arms over your head, or in front of you. The more the body is bent over, the better the muscles are stretched.

Stretching exercises for shins

1. Stretching at the wall

The toe of the right foot against the wall, left take a step and a half back. Feet pressed firmly to the floor, left leg straight. Try to reach the wall with right knee, left leg muscles will be stretched. Switch legs.

2. Heel stretch on wall

Stand close to the wall. Place your right toe on the wall, with your left foot a step and a half back. Bend your left leg at the knee, increasing the stretch. Switch legs and repeat.


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