10 Best Stretching Exercises That Effectively Stretch The Muscles of The Whole Body

Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, are probably familiar with the feeling of “stiffness” in the whole body that will easily help you get rid of muscle discomfort. Get rid of it, feel a surge of energy and improve the quality of rest is much easier than it seems.

How and How Much to Stretch

You can do a self-stretching class with these exercises and stretch all the muscles of your body well. It will take about 60 minutes, however. For quick stretches, choose one or two exercises for each muscle group involved in the workout.

To stretch your muscles well, hold each pose for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Alternatively, you can remain stationary or gently stretch. Abrupt movements are fraught with injury, so save them for another sport.

We offer you 10 simple and effective stretching exercises that will easily help you get rid of muscle discomfort from top to bottom: neck, shoulders and arms, chest and back, abs, glutes, hips, shins.

You should do a little warm-up, so you can start stretching.

Stretching exercises for neck

1. Tilting the head back and sideways

Tilt your head back, stretching the front of your neck. From this position, tilt your head to the left. For greater effect, place your left palm on the right side of your head, but don’t press hard. Repeat the exercise to the other side.

2. Tilting head forward and sideways

Place your right hand on the left side of your head. Tilt your head forward and sideways, increasing the pressure with your hand. Repeat to the other side.


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