10 Best Power Walking Tips to Turn Your Stroll Into a Calorie-Blasting Workout

Walking almost seems too simple to be a good workout. But that’s far from the truth—even just a 5- or 10-minute walk comes with cardio and calorie-burning benefits.

How to Start Walking to Lose Weight

“From an overall health and fitness perspective, there are so many benefits from walking,” says Chris Gagliardi, manager of the American Council on Exercise (ACE) resource center and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. “In addition to burning calories, [walking] improves strength, promotes good cholesterol and heart function, and helps oxygen flow through your body. It also reduces inflammation and the effects of sitting all day,” Gagliardi says.

Every little bit counts, but to really reap the rewards on par with jogging, you have to kick the effort up a notch and start power walking. Follow these power walking tips to kick your calorie burn on overdrive—and reap all the weight loss benefits of walking.

Stand up straight

One of the biggest mistakes people make when power walking for a workout is that they tend to slump forward, Gagliardi says. That can slow you down. “Maintaining a good, upright posture helps you be efficient,” he explains. Bonus: It also helps you take full, deep breaths, which will power your walking and help you go faster and farther without wearing out.


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