10 Best Mountain Bike Trails in Willamette National Forest

In true Oakridge fashion, enjoy a half-mile climb from the shuttle drop-off before turning off for Lawler (do not miss the right-hand turn). Get ready for 7.5 miles of ripping singletrack through the lush forest! While not the steepest trail, Lawler somehow felt like the fastest and rowdiest I’ve ridden in Oakridge. Loose rock, super-tight singletrack, and hairpin switchbacks require surgical precision and laser beam focus.

A little over a year ago, Lawler petered out onto a service road for the final two miles. It was kind of a bummer. New for 2018 is a machine-built flow trail full of pumps and jumps, the occasional rock, and a drop to finish.

3. Hardesty

Of the nearly eight miles logged on Hardesty, six are paid for by grinding almost two miles of gravel from the shuttle drop point, followed by a set of steep switchbacks to the top of the ridge. Though thoughts of regret may have taken over, keep calm and downhill on! Like Lawler, Hardesty is freakishly-fast and rambunctious. In fact, the two feel so similar, I often confuse Lawler for Hardesty when describing them to others. Hardesty forces you to the brink of control and demands your full attention as you scream through its tight treachery and turns.

4. Dead Mountain, aka Flat Creek

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