10 Best Embedded Systems Programming Languages

Embedded Systems Programming is an exclusive industry and only a few programming languages are allowed entry because there are specific requirements such as low usage of resources as well as low-level system access. Some languages are created specifically for this purpose and yet fail while some are great successes. So without further ado, Let’s talk about Embedded Systems first.

Embedded systems are controllers that are handled using real-time operating systems. They are embedded in different devices such as smartphones, watches, cars, etc. They are programmed using embedded systems programming that is quite different than traditional programming as it requires low-level system access and as low usage of resources as possible. After discussing the basics of Embedded systems, Let’s now discuss 10 Best Embedded Systems Programming Languages.

1. C

C is like Anil Kapoor because despite being older, it is quite relevant and also very popular in embedded systems programming. Just like Anil Kapoor has a dashing profile and good acting skills, C has multiple features like low-level access to memory, a loose data typing policy, ease of porting embedded programs, etc. It is also very fast as compared to other similar programming languages which only helps its case!!!

  • The loose data typing policy of C makes it quite suitable.
  • It is simple to port the embedded programs from one device to the next as compared to other languages.
  • The widespread community in C provides vast support for Embedded Systems Programming.

2. C++

C++ is Boney Kapoor in Embedded Systems Programming. Like Boney Kapoor is not as famous as Anil Kapoor, C++ is less popular than C in regards to embedded systems but the addition of object-oriented programming makes it a great choice for veteran developers. It also has low-level access to memory like C that makes it quite suitable.


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