10 Amazing Things to Do in Los Angeles Right Now

Los Angeles winters are famously mild, ​which means there’s nothing keeping you in the house. Venture out to cultural institutions, botanical gardens, and even the beach. This guide spotlights cultural institutions, the outdoors, and beautiful spaces. With winter in swing, we can start taking advantage of everything our fine city of Los Angeles has to offer again—like touring one of our world-class museums, sitting down at some of the nation’s best restaurants, or loading up on our calendar of year-round festivals and concerts. In the meantime, there are still plenty of things you can safely do, we swear, from virtual theater to holiday light displays to any and every kind of takeout you can fathom.

1. Getty Villa

Before the Getty Center there was the Getty Villa, commissioned by J. Paul Getty in the 1970s after the previous gallery on his property in Pacific Palisades ran out of space. The Getty Villa is down the hill on the same land, looking out onto the Pacific. The building, completed in 1974, is a reproduction of a lavish 1st-century CE Roman villa: The Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum to be precise. Reopened in 2006 after a long-term renovation, the Getty Villa holds the Getty Museum’s collections for Greek, Roman and Etruscan antiquities, spanning 6,000 years up to 400 CE.

The exhibition picks from a gigantic reserve of 44,000 pieces and over the last couple of years has been rearranged in a loose chronological order. The must-sees are plentiful, and among them are the “The Beauty of Palmyra” funerary relief (190-210 CE), Statue of a Victorious Youth (300-100 BC), the Caeretan Hydria (525 BC) and the ensemble of frescoes from the Villa Numerius Popidius Florus at Boscoreale (1-79 CE).

2. Lavish Yourself in Lights

Yes, the holidays are different this year, but you can still see plenty of festive lights and pretend it’s 2019 from the safety and comfort of your car. To celebrate winning the World Series, the Dodgers are “hosting” (though you still have to pay per car) a drive-thru Holiday Festival at Dodger Stadium featuring a light show, LED video displays, and fake snow.


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