10 Amazing The Walking Dead Cosplays That Look Better Than The Original

The Walking Dead has developed a fandom willing to go all out to look like their favorite characters from the show. Here’s the 10 best cosplays!

The Walking Dead, the hit TV Series, was originally released almost 10 years ago on October 31st, 2010 on AMC. Over the past decade, the show’s loyal audience has been introduced to numerous characters. Fans have laughed, cried, and raged over the show’s diverse character stories and their attachment to the actors and actresses who play them.

Currently, The Walking Dead has 10 seasons with surprisingly only two characters still alive from season one. But there are still plenty of characters in the apocalyptic world, and there may be more characters with the confirmation of a new season coming in 2021. While fans wait to get their zombie fix, here 10 ten Walking Dead cosplays that look just like the show.


Glenn and Maggie were a fan favorite couple on The Walking Dead. An awkward pizza delivery boy finds love with a simple farm girl in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. That’s about one of the most hopeful situations to experience surrounded by a world of flesh-eating monsters.

The cosplayers in this photo, @fairyannie_cosplay and @sayuri_kyo, stage a sweet moment with their characters. In the caption of the photo it reads the following quote from Glenn, “Maggie, I will find you.”

2. Carl

The Walking Dead is known for a lot of things besides its infamous walking zombies. One of those things is the show’s unapologetic gore. Intestines being pulled out of bodies, blood seared all over bodies, heads caving in from strong blows, and for one famous season one character, a missing eyeball.

Carl is a character that fans see grow up before their eyes. The scared little kid turns more and more into a skilled and cold survivalist but losing his eye in the process. This cosplayer and crossplayer, @takedacosplay, does an amazing job at cosplaying Carl’s tough and killer exterior. With a large gaping and bloody hole where their eye used to be, this takes graphic content to another level.


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