10 Amazing Nezuko Cosplays We Have Ever Seen

Nezuko is one of the most popular characters on Demon Slayer. She has a lot of fans, and some of them have done excellent cosplays of her!

Demon Slayer took over the spring 2019 anime season becoming one of the most popular anime this year by the time it ended in the summer. The shonen-action anime follows Tanjirou Kamado on a quest to avenge his family who was slaughtered by demons. However, this list isn’t about Tanjirou. It’s about Tanjirou’s sister Nezuko.

When the Kamado family was attacked, Nezuko managed to survive. However, she was turned into a demon. Nezuko travels with Tanjirou wearing a muzzle and inside a box Tanjirou carries on his back. The two characters search for a way to stop the demons and return Nezuko back to a human. Nezuko became a very popular character in the anime community inspiring many memes and had fans making amazing cosplays, such as these.

1. _Kata_Sugar

One of Elisa Marzano’s many Nezuko cosplays, this one shows off the classic Nezuko look. Her signature pink nails match the pink eyes, ribbon, and pink clothes Nezuko wears. Marzano has done many different versions of Nezuko including a Halloween themed set that can be found on her Instagram.

In the anime, Nezuko wears a muzzle to stop her from tasting human blood. The muzzle is made from bamboo. Marzano’s muzzle in the photo perfectly replicated Nezuko’s.

2. Mk_ays

Ays has cosplayed characters from Kaori from Your Lie in April, Asuna from Sword Art Online, and many more. In addition to these strong female lead characters, Ays’ Nezuko cosplay is one of the more intense characters.

Ays features photo sets on her Patreon but gives us this Nezuko rendition on her Instagram. The background of the photo is blurred to put the focus on Ays, bringing the photo to life. Ays’ perfectly captures Nezuko’s look bringing the character to life.

3. Meikasama

Meika is just 16 years old, but her cosplay is one of the best out there. Meika has done many cosplays which she often makes videos in on Tik Tok as well as posting photos to her Instagram.

Her stance in the photo comes from one of the most memorable shots of Nezuko in the series, Nezuko running. Meika states in her Instagram comments that the muzzle is made from foam and fabrics and she has plans of having professional photos done for the character.


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