The 8 most popular tourist attractions around the world that are worth braving the crowds for


“What’s most amazing about Petra is the colour of the rocks and how the light reflects upon them,” says Cohen. “I definitely recommend a donkey ride to explore more – it’s a wobbly journey, but memorable.” Named one of the new seven wonders of the world, this beautiful and ancient city seems to be on everyone’s bucket list – and for good reason.

The Treasury in Petra.

The Treasury and the Monastery are very well preserved, especially considering the fact that they were built in 312 BC Safety concerns and physical obstacles have left many travellers wondering if the Rose City, as it’s called, is worth a visit. Despite the long trek – expect an approximately 1,000-foot vertical climb to see the monastery – the attraction comes highly recommended. Tip: Plan to spend at least a full day (if not two) here.


This popular spa has been on the must-see list for Icelandic tourists for about 35 years. The man-made lagoon was founded when a pool of geothermal power plant runoff formed and locals began to notice the healing effects after bathing in it.Blue lagoons at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The mix of sulfur and silica is said to have powerful effects on a variety of ailments, and thus, influenced the establishment of the Blue Lagoon spa that we know today. Plus, the milky blue water has become an identifiable feature in photographs, increasing its lure and appeal. And despite the crowds and high entrance prices, the Blue Lagoon remains a coveted experience – 80 per cent of tourists who go to Iceland visit it.

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