The 10 Best Street Photography Camera Options

Nikon D780

Nikon D750 DSLR cameras for street photographers

The 24-megapixel D780 is a fresh update of the well-known D750. It’s relatively inexpensive and has all the advantages of a typical full-frame DSLR.

This includes a wide dynamic range, lens options, great control surfaces, and two card slots. So, if you ever want to use it for something else than street photography, it won’t fail you.

It also features a new EXPEED 6 image-processing engine besides WiFi connectivity and an unbelievable ISO capacity of 204,800. Besides these, Nikon recently started using backlight illuminated sensor technology to ensure that your images will be tack sharp and detailed.

It’s a workhorse camera, that’s for sure, and a great choice for street, too. A sturdy and reliable model which probably won’t disappoint you.

Canon EOS 250D / SL3

Canon’s best cameras for street photography are no longer their DSLRs. But when it comes to less expensive choices, one still stands out.

The SL3 is one of the smallest and lightest DSLRs ever made, yet it’s packed with powerful features. First in Canon’s Rebel series, it shoots 4K video. Its 24MP APS-C sensor produces nice images throughout the day. But don’t expect a revelation in low light.

Its autofocusing system is quite outdated in viewfinder mode. But Dual Pixel autofocus is accurate in live view mode. It tracks subjects well. A flip-out screen helps composition from unusual angles. Wireless connectivity options make it a great choice for on-the-road sharing.

Pair it with a 24mm f/2.8 pancake lens for a compact, affordable and expandable DSLR camera setup for street photography.

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