The 10 Best Future Supercars You Can Have This Year

3. Mercedes-AMG One

The Mercedes-AMG One is ambitious in every sense of the word. Converting an actual F1 powertrain for use in a street-legal car is a monumental task, both in terms of reliability and allowable emissions. Engineers are struggling to keep the 1.6-liter hybrid-assisted engine at its promised 1,000-horsepower level while meeting regulations, but the plan is to have production models to owners starting in 2021.

4. SSC Tuatara

It’s true that the first production Tuatara appeared at Monterey week 2019, and SSC will sell vehicles through Manhattan Motorcars in New York. This car was literally years in the making, however, and we’re still anxious to see production models (as in, more than one) make it to owners’ garages. All indications are it’s worth the wait, as its 5.9-liter twin-turbo V8 is said to produce 1,350 horsepower on pump gas, or a staggering 1,750 hp when using ethanol-rich E85. Only 100 will be built.

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