Shooting Abstracts With Macro Gear

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abstract photography is about presenting a landscape, an object, a person, or an event in a very non-literal manner. You present viewers with colors, shapes, lines, and forms, and they get to decide what the interplay between those elements means to them.

Macro photography provides an opportunity to take abstract concepts and run with them. By moving in close to your subject and concentrating on minute details, it’s a simple matter to present a conceptual version of your subject. In addition, that detail view of many subjects can reveal surprising elements that can help add depth and dynamics to your abstract images.

In this lesson, we’ll explore the photography equipment recommended for macro abstract photography and some methods to to create stunning abstracts at the macro level.

Without further ado, let’s start with the gear:

Macro Gear for Abstract Photography

iStock 000001115638 Medium


While there’s no specific macro lens for shooting abstracts and no particular focal length that works best, a true macro lens that will deliver a magnification ratio of at least 1:1 would be the optimum first choice. These lenses will provide the best quality at high magnification and are usually fast lenses, capable of wide aperture settings to give you very shallow depth of field. You can use that to great advantage in abstract shots, such as the one above.

Macro lenses will vary from 35mm up to 200mm in focal length. Base your choices on what works best for your photography style and the crop factor of your camera. If a good macro lens is out of your price range, don’t hesitate to try a close-up adapter, extension tubes or a reversing ring with your favorite prime lens. You’ll probably sacrifice some sharpness, but there’s a good chance you’ll still be able to create striking abstract photos.

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