Planning to DIY Your Kitchen Floor? Here’s What You Need

Use the Proper Installation Equipment

Some of the tools you’ll need to complete your project include a notched trowel and a grout float made of rubber along with grout nippers. Masonry saws also work well when sawing tiles that don’t fit exactly into a particular space. When using a tile nipper or masonry saw, it’s always advisable to wear safety glasses and a mask to filter out the particles in the air. Stone or ceramic tiles should always be wet when cut to prevent sending dust everywhere that can get in your lungs and eyes. If you’re uncomfortable cutting the tiles yourself, many hardware stores offer that service for you.

Cleanup Supplies

You’ll likely have a big mess on your hands after you’ve completed your project, and you’ll want to have cleanup supplies handy. Sweeping with a broom or using a vacuum to clean up dirt, dust and other debris can eliminate a lot of the clutter. Having trash bags handy for removing spare pieces and supplies that aren’t needed will also be helpful. Going over your new tiles with a mop and coat of wax will make them look especially attractive. Also, disinfectant spray can be used for a more thorough sanitizing.

Going the DIY route to install a new kitchen floor can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. Getting everything that’s needed to complete the project beforehand can save you a lot of time and additional hassle.


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